Member's Introduction [Yama-chan]

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Welcome to Let's Go Lab JP!

We are really happy to introduce you one of our team members, Yama-chan!

He's in charge of capturing all the amazing moments of this Journey, being there every second so you don't miss anything!

So let's get started!

Before you ask, Yes, Yama-chan is Japanese! He is the only Japanese in our Team lol

He was born and raised in Osaka, Japan in a small but amazing family.

He loves to eat sushi and spicy food, he also loves to drink "corona" beer while enjoying the sunset in front of the sea.

His favorite things to do during his free time are watching Wrestling matches and playing video games. [He's actually really good at retro and indie games lol]

As he's the expert about this amazing country, he will be guiding us through this adventure, giving you amazing recommendations about things to do in your visit and giving you helpful tips so you have a great stay in Japan.

So don't forget to follow Yama-chan and Let's Go Lab JP! Join us in this amazing adventure exploring and rediscovering Japan! What are you Waiting for? Let's Go!

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